Our Mission

Tire Pros is on a mission to mobilize our wounded veterans with a new initiative called Allies for Independence. As a corporate sponsor, Tire Pros and its dealers will unite to raise money for The Independence Fund, a nonprofit organization that provides all-terrain mobility devices and other services to disabled veterans. By supporting the Allies for Independence campaign, you are helping severely wounded veterans regain their independence and experience activities they were previously unable to enjoy. The money raised through our campaign will give disabled veterans the opportunity to get back outside and enjoy doing the things they love through a variety of mobility devices that include all-terrain wheelchairs and adaptive bicycles. Each device is completely customized according to the veteran’s injuries, lifestyle and family goals.

Why Us?

Tire Pros is all about independence and providing mobility solutions to our customers every day. The opportunity to give mobility to the soldiers who have given so much for us is one we cannot pass up. Customers have loyalty and respect for businesses that support the military, and we believe that The Independence Fund is the perfect match to help show our commitment to our veterans, our communities and our country. Secondarily, the Allies for Independence campaign will help us differentiate and grow the Tire Pros brand.

Our Goal

The goals of the Allies for Independence campaign are simple. Through it, Tire Pros hopes to raise at least $1.5 million for The Independence Fund in 2018, which will go to provide all-terrain mobility devices for wounded veterans as well as the caregiver services and ongoing treatment the Fund provides. Each location’s fundraising page will have a pre-set individual base-line goal of $1,000 for each of the three fundraising campaign periods. See ‘Online Donations’ below for more details. Additionally, all locations will have the opportunity to receive special incentives for reaching fundraising milestones throughout the campaign. Those details are also outlined below.

Your Role

Every Tire Pros dealer is encouraged to put your best effort into the Allies for Independence campaign to help us reach our goal. This includes being creative and starting your own local fundraising campaign or in-store promotion to raise awareness and drive donations. Each dealer should work with their employees and with their respective Tire Pros Support Teams to create and implement a fundraising campaign to help maximize the amount they raise and contribute to this worthy cause.

What else are we doing?

In addition to the $1.5 million we hope to raise through our fundraising campaigns, Tire Pros will hold 10 corporate-funded mobility device giveaway events in 2016. At these events, we will present a severely wounded veteran with a custom all-terrain mobility device as a result of ATD’s charitable contribution. The locations of these chair giveaway events will be determined by the Tire Pros Corporate team, and these giveaway events will be promoted through corporate public relations and social media efforts.

About the Independence Fund


The Independence Fund believes that for the complete physical and emotional healing of our wounded heroes to occur it will take the unified effort of government, private and corporate entities all working together towards a common purpose that is bigger than ourselves.


We wish the government could provide our Veterans with the rehabilitation equipment they really need – but that is not the reality. The Independence Fund, with your help, buys equipment which will provide Veterans with the utmost independence – whatever it takes to help our brave men and women come back to a normal and independent life.

The Independence Ride is an

Independence Fund sanctioned event

Our goal is to donate the Rides proceeds to the Independence Fund